Thursday, July 30, 2015

March 10, 1927


Monday I received an announcement of York Council & Dinner Dance which is to be held March 17, next Thursday. I have reserved two places one of which is yours. Can you sell out and get here for that affair? Can Bob & K, or Russ & Sue or both come, too? If they can, I can make reservations for them up to March 14. You said once, you'd never turn down a chance to come to Cols. - so I'm expecting you.

Have you written to Ross about April 8?  We'd better get arrangements made or we'll have to go to Louisville yet. I don't care, but I'd like Mother V. to be pleased.

I'm still loving you so much that I wonder always how long it will be. The time does not move rapidly enough to suit me. Please try to come down if you can. I want you so badly, and I'm happiest when I hold you in my arms. Are you still in love with me? If so, why? Put cross in circle and - no wait, this is not a questionnaire.

Dad went to the doctor on Tuesday. He tells me he is close to a nervous breakdown. He has given him medicine and it seems to help him. He'll go back on Saturday Mother is O.K. She's attending a women's meeting at the church today.

Yesterday I investigated an accident in Zanesville. I had to go out to a coal mine on the Adamsville Road. Believe me  when I thought of Adamsville, I thought of Dottie - 'cause that's where you were the first time I came to see you. Remember?

Tonight I'm to attend a chapter meeting where Homer receives his final degree in the chapter work.

I have not had a chance yet to tell Mother of our honeymoon plans, but a complication has arisen. The folks would like Aunt Jo to be present at the wedding (for that matter as would I). She would of course visit with the folks for a few days, and I suppose they'd want to come right back. We'll work something out though, won't we?

Be a good girl and sell that store right away, won't you?  Then you'll be free to come down next week. You must realize, too, that time is short, if you want to get here for a few weeks. Please, pretty please, sell!

If I loved you any more than I do, I'd break your ribs squeezing you. You are the most beautiful, the most precious girl in the world. I would not trade you for a thousand. I must have you, and soon.

Always my sweetheart, Dot, is what I want you to be. I need your help, your counsel, and your confidence to make good. I'm going to be so proud to say, "I'd like you to meet my wife".

I love you

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  1. Did his dad have a nervous breakdown? Did they have to take Aunt Jo on the honeymoon? Is Dot going to sell???? The song from My Fair Lady is running through my mind... "Get me to the church on time!!!"