Monday, July 14, 2014

January 27, 1927


Too good to keep! This evening, I phoned home to tell the folks that I'd be delayed a little. Dad answered and said, "Elsie's here." And she was - in full bloom - for supper. And when I came in, it was to outstretched arms, and the words "Hello, sweetheart." Now wasn't that just too sweet? If I had had you there for just a minute, I would have squeezed you so hard - . As we sat down at the table, she piped up, "I heard you were engaged." And I said, "I am, as tightly as possible." And as soon as it was convenient, I hied myself back to the office, (where I need not be at all, tonight). But I had to tell you about the fun before I slept. Oh, I tried to be pleasant, but my patience with the young lady is becoming rapidly exhausted. She promises to dance at my wedding. She will like - hot mush.

I'm glad you were feeling better when you wrote last. That was a tough break for the couple who were killed. I'll do my darndest to avoid stopping any trains before Easter. That bunch of crossing on the road from Lima to M.P. are the worst I have seen in so short a stretch. I suppose you read of the bus crash here. I had to attend the funeral of one of the victims last Sunday. My lodge conducted the Masonic service.

I have not worked as hard this week as last, but we have been up late almost every night. Tues. evening we entertained an old Cinti. playmate - last night we stayed up to keep a good fire - for the cold snap. Tonight it will be 10:00 before I get home.

Louisville is OK with me -or Lima - or M.P. - or Oshkosh. Wherever it happens, I'll be getting you and that's what counts with me.  Besides, all of those places have twin beds, so you'll be comfortable. I would like to get off somewhere for a day or two, where just we two can be together. "No friends or relations"....of course, since I will have been here for so short a time, I will not feel like taking an extended holiday so soon. But I am sure that I can take a little time off to get acquainted with my wife. (No that belongs in capital letters - WIFE.)

Why you love me, I don't know. But I am satisfied that you do, and happy in knowing it. And really I'm glad you proposed. I never would have had courage to do it, even tho I do love you. I'm not sure, after thinking it over, but that Russ put you up to the act. He's so darned innocent. I'm wondering what it's all about, but still loving you.


It's a pleasure to be tied when one's tied to you

Sunday, July 6, 2014

January 25, 1927

Li'l Sweetheart:

Gee! It is a long time until Easter. And its been a long time since I saw you. I guess its well that I don't see you oftener, though, because each time that I come to Lima, I keep you up so long that you are made ill within a few days. Are you well again? I'll have to blame that cold on the trip to M.P.

You may tell Russ that I'll be glad to help in any way I can to get his car fixed up. I'm glad no one was hurt and I expect all of you are, too.

I'm beginning to sympathize with Bob. Its strange how news travels. Everyone in the Church, I think, has come to me with congratulations. I'm beginning to realize what a lucky chap I am. Fear is in my heart, though, lest when you know me better, you'll find that I won't do. Please be patient with me, and I'll try to satisfy you.

I don't know of a thing worse to wish for you, than that you'll have to spend a hundred years with me.

Last night, mother and I attended a meeting of the new Bexley Improvement association. And what a lot of windy speeches we heard! We are liking Bexley as a place to live, and I'm sure that you will, too. I sleep like a top, and the air is fine - no noise - little dust - only you are needed to make it perfect.

More and more I've come to realize what a hard pull the young lawyer, starting alone, must have. I'm getting little business for myself - so little that I could not live if I were dependent on it alone. And my acquaintance in Cols. is not small. But of course I'm not expected to bring in a large volume of business. And I see that Ted does not bring in much either, so that there is no reason to feel discouraged.

I have gotten so that I hate almost to go anywhere. I see young couples coming in together, and I must walk in alone. I want you with me. Lets go and go faster.

I love you, dearest, more than I can tell you. Without you, I'm lost. I'll be happy when you're with me - to stay.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

January 23, 1927 (Dottie to Andy)

Honey, dear:

Just one week ago at this time I almost didn't get to kiss you goodbye. I caught you at it tho didn't I? Remember?

Cathleen and Bob came over with Russ last night and were here all night. We all went over home to-day. Ralph was there too. Honey, I wished for you so much and I still do. There's nothing just right any more without you. I love you dear and want you. Am I lonesome? Well, I guess!

There was another accident last night. An old girl friend of mine and her fiancé were struck by a Penna. train at the main crossing in M.P. and instantly killed. They were to be married Easter. Don't sound so good does it?

Honey, dear, the more I think about it the more I feel that it would be the best thing if we would be married in Louisville. We won't need to stay any longer than we care to! Course there's a lot of time yet to finish our plans. We'll talk it over some more next time you come.

The folks at the store are all anxious to know when it's all going to happen but I'm not telling. I told Boots' brother yesterday that I wasn't going to be his sister-in-law. He just couldn't getg over it. Quite disappointed. Finally he ended up by saying "Oh well I thot Boots was too dumb for you anyway". Quite a compliment to cast upon his brother, don't you think?

Don't think I'm lazy, Andy - but if you're not able to make all this letter out it's because I'm writing it in bed. I just couldn't sleep, until I talked to you a little.

In the morning at eight, I go to the dentist again. Two fillings, a porcelain and a silver. Dread it just a little. I may take gas, if it hurts too badly, for the porcelain.

"Night dear"
Your Dot

PS - I feel fine again, my cold's almost gone.