Thursday, August 7, 2014

January 31, 1927


Billy is out of luck. But his loss is my gain, or rather, my double gain. For I get you, and him, too. He's a good little kid. I don't know what he'll do for a while when you do leave. And I guess you are going to leave him, aren't you? I'm still receiving "congrats" as the news s[reads. So you see -you must be in high favor here.  And to all inquirers, I reply, "Easter or before".

And with the good wishes, I'm still taking a lot of teasing, that rolls off me like water off etc. Dad still threatens to read all my letters - but never does.

Dad has to go to Ft. W. probably next week, and if he does, mother will ride along up. As for me, I'll find some way to get there again soon. Mr. Knepper accuses me of trying to find all kinds of excuses to get to Lima. (Then he adds in a little less severely, "Not that I blame you for that")

I have not worked very hard for a week or so. I had looked for a number of accident claims over the icy spell, but they failed to materialize. I find that they come in when least expected. Apparently the companies have been satisfied to date with my settlements, some of which have been very lucky ones; I'm hoping that I can continue to get by with reasonable success. I have not had any really serious accidents to worry me. My worst probably was the case of a man run down by a truck.  He was very fair and disposed to settle reasonably, so that I was lucky with him. Most of the world apparently is trying to be honest. I have had only one mean man to deal with. At least three times I was ripping mad at him, and once I picked up my case and started out of his home. He came to terms - at my figure, which was very fair to him. However he just knew I was out to hurt him - so what could I do?

I'm sorry now I did not marry you on Jan. 1. It has been a long 30 days since then. And it's a long time yet to "Easter or before". One of these days though, you will be mine, so I'll try to be patient. I have gotten so that I wonder what next you will tell me. First you had blood poison and it has now come down to a mashed thumb. I'm beginning to believe, as I told mother tonight, that you need someone to take care of you. You be darn careful whom you're hitting with your hammer. I won't stand for anyone abusing my girl.

I hope that Boots' brother is now completely reconciled. What led up to his learning the truth?

You can tell Billy that I have decided to relent a little. He can be married to you until "Easter or before", but then I get you absolutely. Otherwise 'll not play.

I can't help it - I love you

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

January 28, 1927 (Dottie to Andy)


Hurrah! for Elsie. How I would love to have been there to walk in with you last eve. She sure is a pain if anybody is. Honey I know that I never talked to you like she does before you "asked me to marry you" (I mean that you asked me too), did I?

Billie pulled another one to-day. Guess you'll have to watch him. He said "Mother when will I get married?" She answered "Well when you grow up and find a girl you really love." After considering the matter a while he said "Well I believe I'll marry Aunt Dottie." So that's that. He hasn't asked me yet tho.

My cold has gone completely. Please don't blame yourself on being the cause of my catching it. I think I got it from the rest of the gang at the store. Don't forget I want you to come whenever possible. Late hours once in a while won't hurt me a bit, I know. Gee it's worth an awful lot to me.

I was just a little awkward at the store to-day. I was breaking some chocolate coating with my hammer and hit my thumb on the left hand, consequently mashing it. Don't feel very good yet. Besides that everything is O.K.

Wish you were going to be here to-morrow dear. I'm getting lonesome for you. "It won't be long now tho".

All yours