Monday, August 31, 2015

April 3, 1927


This darned gang expects to read my letter to you, but of course they won’t/. And the rule is established that no one reads the other’s note. I wonder what sort of silly chatter they’ll write to you.

I’m not a bit nervous – ad if I don’t hear from you to the contrary, I’ll be in Lima Weds night at about 7:30 your time. If you decide not to come over until Thurs a.m. let me know and I’ll come thru to M.P. (That is if you’re still willing to marry me.)

Whitie has succeeded in spreading the news all over the church, and this morning, I was the object of a great many smiles etc, not to say, a good deal of kidding. Ann and Homer refuse to participate in any kidding match, but I expect a lot from other sources.

Dad has decided that you and I will come back to Cincinnati on Friday night, there to stay until Sun afternoon, and then return with them.  I have said that we’d do that, to keep him quiet, but I intend that we’ll do what we have planned. When we leave Louisville, it will be with the understanding that we’ll meet Dad and Mother in Cinty, but Mother understands that we’ll come.

I have decided that the 11:05 a.m. train our of Lima will be best, unless you’d rather take a night train.

I told Mr. Knepper that I’d do the deed this week unless he objected, but he seemed reluctant to offer any objections, so there’s apparently no excuse open to me.

I am not looking for excuses though – I’m too tickled to think that I’m to have you as my wife. I love you my sweetheart, and I want to prove that to you. I feel as proud as a peacock. I still smile when questioned and say “Easter or before” but that gag don’t work very much since Dad has told the story.

Hobo and 3 girls (and one of the girls’ mother) were here last night for supper. It was the old social committee of the Young People’s Society. By the way, I have been asked to run for the presidency of the Baptist Young People of Columbus. I said I’d run, but wouldn’t devote much time to them. And the Sunday School class is about to materialize, apparently. So it looks like the busy season.

But you can be assured I’m devoting a full share of my time to my wife – that’s you – YOU. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take a kiss before each meal, and some extras, too.  Be sweet until I see you, Weds night. I love you.


Dear Dot

The Lord pity you! Married life is heck!
Sister, Dot, life is what you make it. Start out like you intend to end it.  Don’t start anything you can’t finish!

Here’s to you. Call me next Sunday night if you want any corn meal mush!

Love “Ann”

Dear Dot:

Don’t tell Andy I’m writing you because he might be jealous. He is so busy flirting with my wife that he does not know I’m writing.

We are at the White’s tonight to see the old kid for the last time before your claims on him become prior.

Congratulations and best wishes for your happiness. Will see you at our house next Sunday night

Your brother-in-law

This is station D.A.D. broadcasting. The next song on the program will be The Wedding March by Mendelssohn.  Here comes the Bride – can’t wait. See you [unreadable] Friday morning.

Dad White

My dear girl,

The children came in this evening and we are all waiting for you. Have been talking of you quite a bit and wish you were with us. Have all plans made and will see you Friday morning. Hope we have real nice weather from now on. Love to all and a lot for yourself.


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  1. This is like a radio show, the Walton's would have sat around and listened to.