Saturday, May 16, 2015

February 27, 1927

My own,

How long - how long? Another Sunday evening service with all the young couples arrayed - and I alone - and you alone!  I think I'll ask Congress to pass a a\law making Easter come on the first Sunday of March. Something will have to be done.

Yesterday, a young chap from Cinti - now a student at Miami came in and we had him until this afternoon. He's a boy who lived in the same house with us 15 or 16 years ago. He's 22 now and a dandy young fellow. (And he has a Dotty, too, but as I remember her, not nearly so nice as mine.) I took him to a picture show last night - and it was the same thing over again - couples everywhere. Don't it make one lonesome?

Homer took ill yesterday A.M. and was suffering terribly - acute gastritis - in the afternoon; I went up at about 2:30 and stayed until 5:30 when he was resting pretty easily; today he was up and pretty well over his attack.

He has two small trunks and one of the overseas trunks. He also has two large suitcases, really sample cases, which will hold together more than a small trunk.  Any or all of these we can have for the asking. So if you'd like me to bring some of them - I'll get them.

I find it hard to write how I feel about my sweetheart. Just to say "I love you" is a repetition which though trite, covers the subject. There's so much I feel I'd like to say, and yet when I'm with you, it's enough, it seems, just to hold you in my arms, to realize that my good fortune is real. I wonder why we never actually met sooner, and then I wonder how we both were willing to work so fast. I'm not sorry, Sweetheart, I'm too glad to get you to spend much time thinking about whys and wherefores. You have been in my eyes everything that is beautiful and good and desirable. When you said you'd trust your life to me, you gave me something to live for, work for, do for. I didn't know how much a girl could mean in a chap's life until you said "yes". When you could show your confidence in me that much, it meant to me that I must always deserve that confidence. I'm always thinking, "She must never regret her choice." God willing, I'll be a good husband to my Dot.

My dearest one, the time is growing short. If you plan on being home for a week or two, soon you must give up the store. I'd like for the last week before our marriage to be one of rest for you as much as is possible. You deserve and need a few days. As sure as you don't take the opportunity to rest then,  I'll put you to bed and keep you there when I get you.

Has the lumbago completely left, and are you feeling O.K.? We're all rather worried about your continuing in the drafts at the store. I want you to take care of yourself. God bless you and keep you and send you to me soon, my little wife.


We're not forgetting the 11 & 12 of March. Are you planning a visit still?  Can you come on the 9th? Capital City Lodge has a dance to which we have been invited. I'm sure Russ and Sue would be welcomed, too - can't you all come a little early for the tournament? I love you - A


  1. Does she sell the store? or just close it up? Are the suitcases going to be big enough? Did Homer just have to poop? Does she make it to the dance?? Oh the suspense!!!

    1. The store is an enduring mystery. My mother (Andy and Dotty's daughter) didn't even know there WAS a store, she just thought that Dot sold candy for her brother-in-law Russ. My historical research has turned up nothing yet, but next month I'm off to the Library of Congress!